“NEW” Questions You Asked

  1.  I would really like to see what the inside of the new church will be like. How many rooms for each activity and what will become of the rooms in the old church? (Submitted on September 21, 2015)

Answer: Thank you for your question. At this time, the interior of the building is not defined. We are currently conducting a survey of over sixty key leaders and users. The architects will take these survey results and prioritize the needs and translate those needs into a conceptual design. The Building Committee will review these designs and the costs associated with them and make recommendations for changes. This process may have several iterations until the Building Committee and the architects agree on an final plan. This plan will be matured into detailed drawings of each building system and component for bidding the work.

It will probably be several months after we hit our campaign goal of $6 million before we develop a final design.

2. I assume the pledge amount is over and above what I already give, correct?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, your pledge to the REACH Campaign should be above your regular ministry giving. All of the ministries of the church will still need to be funded throughout the campaign.